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Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin

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Halloween is a fun time of year for kids, however there are a lot of kids with food allergies and sensitivities that can’t enjoy traditional Halloween treats. In order for them not to feel left out, set out a teal pumpkin to let kids know that your house has non-food trinkets available for them. This Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin allows you to make it possible for all kids in your neighborhood to enjoy Halloween!

Learn more about this effort (as well as ideas for trinkets to give out) at the Teal Pumpkin Projec.

Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin

This is a fairly easy project to make using either scissors or a Cricut machine (I have the Cricut Maker and I LOVE it). I created both an SVG file and a PDF file for the design. You can get both templates for free by clicking below:

Click here to download

Materials Needed to Make the Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin

STEP 1: Uploading the SVG File

Download the SVG file and upload it into Cricut Design Space. The file will look like this:

Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin Cricut Design Space

STEP 2: Cutting the Lettering

Next, choose your desired colors of vinyl you want to use for the lettering and cut per the Cricut machine prompts.  When you are finished cutting you will have three different sets of lettering to weed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have a Cricut machine and want to cut the pieces out by hand, you can use the PDF file as a guide.

STEP 3: Weeding and Transferring the Lettering

These letters are all pretty easy to weed. When you’re finished you will have three sets of lettering,

Cut lettering for teal pumpkin

I use the Cricut Weeder in all weeding. It allows you to easily remove the small excess pieces of vinyl in letters.

STEP 4: Transferring the Letters to Transfer Tape

Transfer tape makes application of lettering easy. Cut transfer tape slightly larger than the cut pieces of lettering.

Cuts with transfer tape

Remove the transfer tape liner and carefully place the transfer tape over the letters starting from the middle and smoothing the tape out over all the letters. Use the Cricut XL Scraper to smooth the tape down thoroughly and with no bubbles. You will now have the transfer tape covering all letters.

Cuts covered with transfer tape

Next, starting in the corner, begin to slowly peel away the transfer tape making sure the letters are stuck to the tape. If a letter doesn’t seem to be adhered to the tape, smooth it back down and go over it with the scraper again to make sure the letter attaches. This is a slow process so be sure not to rush this step.

Once the tape is removed, all the letters will be ready to transfer to the pumpkin.

STEP 5: Applying the Letters to the Pumpkin

Starting with the “Trinkets” lettering, position it where you want it on the pumpkin and apply. Smooth the tape down on the pumpkin to make sure the letters are adhering. Slowly pull away the transfer tape, making sure the letters are sticking to the pumpkin. If a letter isn’t sticking, smooth it back down and try again.

Trinkets on pumpkin

Continue with the “Allergy Safe” lettering following the same steps.

Allergy Safe and Trinkets on pumpkin

Finally, apply the “Not Treats” lettering with the transfer tape.

not treats lettering on pumpkin

Peel away the transfer tape. The Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin is complete!

Final Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin

Where do I Get the SVG and PDF Files?

You can download the SVG and PDF files for this specific project by clicking below:

Click here to download


Trinkets (Not Treats) Teal Pumpkin

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