Ten Amazing Etsy Advent Calendars

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Wooden Doored Advent Calendar with Multiple Decor OptionsAdvent Calendar VillagePrintable Envelope Advent CalendarWooden Multi-Sized Drawers Advent Calendar

I love Advent calendars. Growing up I looked forward to December 1 and being able to open that first door. When I was little, we had the flat Advent cardboard-like calendars. You opened each “door”  for every day from December 1 – 24. Having two older sisters, we had to take turns opening the doors (you can imagine how well that went).

Advent calendars have changed a lot since I was a kid. There are so many different options. You can get one for a few dollars at the grocery store with candy or chocolate behind each “door”. You can also find carved wooden designs that must have taken someone weeks in the wood shop to complete. Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely gorgeous, but they have the price tag to match. If you are looking for something in between, keep reading…

Ten Amazing Etsy Advent Calendars

I absolutely LOVE Etsy. You can find pretty much everything and anything, all unique and handmade. When you show on Etsy, you are also supporting small businesses. For me that’s a huge win-win. Unique, beautiful, and supporting small businesses. Can’t get much better than that!

I spend a lot of time on Etsy. I love perusing it for ideas, both for my own creative projects and for gifts. During one of my recent Etsy visits, I was looking for ideas for my own Advent calendar. The result of that search was two fold. The first was a recent blog post. I shared an Advent Calendar I made using my Cricut, a Boxed Christmas Gift Advent Calendar (get FREE cut files below).

Click here to download

The second was a compilation of ten absolutely amazing and beautiful Etsy Advent calendars. These inspired me and I hope you love them too!

DIY Advent Calendar Houses Kit

This DIY Advent Calendar Houses Kit is a cute and simple DIY option. The varying sizes of houses allow you to fill each with various sizes candy or toys. This fun kit allows you to create a whole Christmas village out of each day of the Advent Calendar!

DIY Christmas Village

Advent Calendar Bags

These Advent Calendar Bags allow you to hang them in various formations. You can hang them from the fireplace, on the Christmas tree, or arrange them in a decorative way. You can stuff them with delicious treats or fun little trinkets.

Christmas Advent Calendar bags

Countdown to Christmas Wooden DIY Advent Calendar

Wooden doors adorn this gorgeous advent calendar, allowing for a mystery of what wonderful surprise lies behind each door. You can customize this calendar with a variety of options for the top and the colors and numbers.

Wooden Doored Advent Calendar with Multiple Decor Options

DIY Advent Calendar Tree Kit

The wooden Advent Calendar tree provides twenty-four individual drawers within which you can hide a variety of treats and/or trinkets. You can customize this tree with paint, designs, and numbers of your choosing. This is a great Advent calendar to use year after year.

Wooden Christmas Tree Drawers Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent Calendar with 25 Drawers

This wonderful wooden Advent Calendar is made up of drawers of varying sizes and shapes. I love the variety this Advent Calendar provides, allowing for a variety of daily surprises to be found in each drawer.

Wooden Multi-Sized Drawers Advent Calendar

Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar House

This red Christmas houser provides 23 windows and 1 front door for Christmas Eve! This beautiful advent calendar is as much decoration as it is calendar. Surprise the kids with a different treat behind every window!

Red Christmas House Advent Calendar

Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar comes in multiple colors. It has drawers of varying sizes and allows you to hide toys and treats for your little ones to discover!

Wooden Christmas Tree Multi-Colored Advent Calendar

Large Traditional Advent Calendar

While this calendar provides 25 drawers of the same size, each drawer has a different design and theme to it. The individual drawers include one for Christmas Day allowing your kids to find one last small surprise before checking to see what Santa left them under the tree!

Large Traditional Advent Calendar

Printable Advent Calendar Envelopes

These printable Advent Calendar envelopes come in all different colors and designs. You can hang them up using clothespins on strings as the picture below shows, or you can put them in a decorative basket from which the kids have to find the current day’s envelope! This is a cute and easy Advent Calendar to put together!

Printable Advent Calendar Decorative Envelopes

Rustic Muslin Advent Calendar Bags

These cute little bags can be hung by the chimney as decoration (as shown in the picture below). Alternatively you could hang them on the Christmas tree directly, or fasten small hooks to a decorate board and hang them from there. This calendar allows you to be as creative as you’d like in how you display them!

Muslin Advent Calendar Bags


Ten Amazing Etsy Advent Calendars

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