Hope is Not a Plan (Free Printable)

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When we do anything in life, we need to have some sort of a plan. I often say that “Hope is not a plan” because you can’t just hope something will happen and not put in the work to figure out the “how”.

Many times we start off wanting to do something like lose weight.  We start out very motivated and ready to go. As time goes by we may start to slack off and “coast” a bit. We start to rely on things just sort of happening on their own. We “hope” things will just work out somehow. I am guilty of this and realized that was not a valid plan. My mantra has become, “Hope is not a plan”. I created this printable to remind myself to always have a plan.

I’m sharing this printable in the hope that it will help you as it has me.

picture frame with Hope is Not a Plan picture in it in purple

I have found when I need some reinforcement in whatever I’m doing, when I remind myself of the plan I have to get to my goal, I’m much more successful. If I just coast along not mapping things out along the way, I inevitably don’t reach my goal. So remember, Hope is NOT a plan. A plan is a plan and a plan will help you get to where you want to go.

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Hope is not a Plan



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