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Happy Halloween Candle

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Final Happy Halloween Candle

Candles are one of my most favorite things. They provide soft lighting, as well as some decorative flair! There are many different options – flameless, scented, tall, short, pillar, votive – and all can be used to provide holiday cheer! This Happy Halloween Candle uses a flameless candle decorated with Halloween themed designs in a variety of different colored vinyls. Read on to learn how to make your own Happy Halloween Candle!

Happy Halloween Candle

This is a fairly easy project to make using either scissors or a Cricut machine (I have the Cricut Maker and I LOVE it). I created both an SVG file and a PDF file for the design. You can get both templates for free by clicking below:

Click here to download

Materials Needed to Make the Happy Halloween Candle

  • Cricut Premium Vinyl I used black, brushed pewter, silver glitter, and white vinyls for this project.
  • White 4″ x 6″ flameless pillar candle like this one. I recommend using the non-wax-like flameless candles as I’m not sure how or if vinyl will stick to waxy surfaces.
  • Cricut Transfer Tape
  • Extra Long cutting mat like this one.
  • Cricut machine, or scissors

STEP 1: Uploading the SVG File

Download the SVG file and upload it into Cricut Design Space. The file will look like this:

Happy Halloween Candle Cricut Design Space

STEP 2: Cutting the Design Pieces and Lettering

Next, choose your desired colors of vinyl you want to use for the lettering and cut per the Cricut machine prompts.

PLEASE NOTE: This design requires the use of a longer cutting mat. Make sure you have one ready before beginning to cut this design.

When you are finished cutting all pieces of this design you will have seven different sets of designs and lettering.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have a Cricut machine and want to cut the pieces out by hand, you can use the PDF file as a guide.

STEP 3: Weeding the Designs and Lettering

After cutting all the pieces, weed all pieces until you have all the pieces ready to go.

Seven different cut pieces for candle

I really like the Cricut Weeder for weeding designs and lettering. It really makes removing the small excess pieces much easier. This is a fairly easy design to weed. The little “RIPs” are the most difficult to weed due to the small size. Carefully and slowly remove the excess vinyl from the backing, making sure all letters are left on the backing.

STEP 4: Transferring the Designs and Letters

Begin with the largest pieces of the design. Start at the long end of the vinyl. Peel away a little of the backing away from the vinyl. Line up the edge of the vinyl with the bottom of the candle. Slowly attach the vinyl to the candle, making sure to keep it aligned even with the bottom of the candle. Ideally both ends should meet and line up evenly. This is the most difficult piece to attach. After this piece is attached, the remaining pieces are easy.

Peel the bats off the vinyl backing and apply to the candle according to the picture. Attach the moon and the witch in the same manner.

Happy Halloween Candle Design

Attach the gravestones under the tree. Next, cut a small strip of transfer tape to transfer each “RIP” to its corresponding gravestone.

Attaching RIP to gravestones

Apply the transfer tape to the first ‘RIP’. Place it on the corresponding gravestone, pressing the lettering tightly to the gravestone vinyl. Slowly remove the transfer tape making sure the lettering sticks to the gravestone.

applying RIP to gravestone

Finally, cut a piece of Transfer Tape large enough to remove the letters from the vinyl liner and transfer them to the candle.

applying lettering to the candle

Apply the lettering to the candle and slowly remove the transfer tape. While removing the transfer tape, do it slowly to make sure all lettering sticks to the candle.

At this point your candle is finished!

Left side of finished Happy Halloween Candlefront of finished Happy Halloween CandleRight side of finished Happy Halloween Candle

To get the full effect of the candle with the design, turn on the candle and turn out the lights.

Lit up Happy Halloween Candle - GraveyardLit up Happy Halloween Candle - FrontLit up Happy Halloween Candle - Witch

Where do I Get the SVG and PDF Files?

You can download the SVG and PDF files for this specific project by clicking below:

Click here to download


Happy Halloween Candle

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