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Halloween Window Clings

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Halloween decorations are in full swing at my house! This week I made these adorable Halloween window cling decorations using my handy dandy Cricut Maker. My mom had window cling decorations she would put up for Christmas. There were lots of snowflakes and other festive decor on windows and mirrors. Drawing on those memories I decided to make Halloween ones to spice up the front door. Our front door has six window panes that are just asking to be decorated. Read on to find out how I made them and to download the designs for free.

Halloween Window Cling Decorations

These Halloween window cling decorations are really easy to make. All you need to do is upload the design to Cricut Design Space, cut them, and apply the designs to your door and/or windows. This is a great beginner level project that turns out looking like a professional designer made them! To cut all of the shapes I used my wonderful Cricut Maker. I absolutely love this thing! If you’re not familiar with the Cricut, read my blog post about The Amazing Cricket Maker to learn more.

Given how delicate some of these designs are, it is best to use a Cricut machine to cut them.  You can use scissors or a craft cutting blade like an X-Acto Knife if you’d like, but it may be difficult given how small some of the cuts are. I created both an SVG file and a PDF file for the design – SVG for Cricut and PDF for non-Cricut. You can get both templates for free by clicking below:

Click here to download

Materials Needed to Make the Halloween Window Cling Decorations


Making these Halloween window cling decorations is very easy. The hardest part is figuring out the layout on your door or window(s). I made each window pane separately and then positioned them online until I came up with a configuration I liked. This is the guide I created and used when I was applying the decorations to my door:

Window pane layout of decorations

If you are using a Cricut to cut your design, continue on to Step 1. If you are cutting the design using scissors, skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space

Download the SVG files through the links within this post and upload them into Cricut Design Space. The files will look like this:

Cricut Design Space Spider Pane

Cricut Design Space Haunted House Pane

Cricut Design Space Witch Parking Pane

Cricut Design Space Boo Pane

Cricut Design Space Happy Halloween Pane

Cricut Design Space Trick or Treat Pane

STEP 2: Cut the Shapes and Lettering

Next, choose your desired colors of window cling vinyl you want to use for the designs and lettering and cut per the Cricut machine prompts or with scissors.

NOTE: When cutting the designs or lettering, you can turn on mirroring to use the backing to apply the letters to the windows. This is especially helpful with the letters. Using the backing to apply the letters keeps them straight and reduces frustration. You can also do this with the designs themselves if you want. It does make application to windows easier, especially with more delicate cuts.

STEP 3: Weed the Design Pieces and Lettering

I cut all of the various layers first, then weeded each one at a time. Weeding the window cling vinyl is very easy. The excess comes off very easily. The most difficult weeding is with the lettering. Pull off the excess slowly. The the curly parts of the letters tend to “hang on” to the excess vinyl a bit.  When you are finished weeding, you will have all the cut pieces ready to apply!

Halloween Window Cling cut and weeded

STEP 4: Applying the Designs and Lettering

Applying the designs is fairly easy, especially with the backing attached. The pieces are delicate so using tweezers also helps. You can apply the designs however you’d like, mixing and matching the different pieces. I wanted balance between the design panes and the panes with lettering. Below is the end result:

Halloween Window Cling Decorations

Where do I Get the SVG and PDF Files?

You can download the SVG and PDF files for this specific project by clicking below:

Click here to download


Halloween Window Cling Decorations on Front Door

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  1. Thank you for these designs. I just purchased my machine and there is so much to learn. Your directions should help me a lot. Thanks again.

    1. You are most welcome! If you ever have any questions about the machine or designs, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to help!

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