How To Make a Giant “Cozy Corner” Pillow

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How To Make a Giant Cozy Corner Pillow - DIY Pillows

My son recently created what he calls a “cozy corner” in his bedroom. He has a lot of blankets and sleeping bags in his “cozy corner” but it still isn’t soft enough. With just a few items and about 20 minutes, I made a soft, pillowy base for his cozy corner.  I used four separate pillow covers and sewed them together to make one giant soft pillow. I stuffed them with pillows of the same size and the Giant “Cozy Corner” Pillow was ready to go!

How to Make a Giant “Cozy Corner” Pillow

Below is a list of things needed to make the giant “cozy corner” pillow:

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Assemble the Giant Pillow Cover

First, sew two pillow covers together, remembering to keep the zippers to the outside so they can be opened to put the pillows inside.

two pillowcases sewn together with zippers at opposite ends

Next, repeat the process with the other two pillow covers, again being careful to keep the zippered ends to the outside edges.

Finally, pin the two pieces together for sewing using straight pins. Make sure you are pinning the pillow covers with the seam sides of both facing up. Sew the two pieces together to make the completed giant pillow cover.

four pillowcases sewn together with seams all on the same side and zippers at either end

When finished you will have four pillow covers sewed together with two zippers on one end and two zippers on the other. The pillow cover is now complete and ready to be “stuffed”.

completed giant pillow case with seam sides down

Stuff the Pillow Covers

Spread out the completed pillow covers with seams facing down and stuff each individual cover with a pillow.

pillowcases all sewn together with pillows being stuffed in each individual pillow case

Once all four pillows are in their covers, zip up each pillow cover. The Giant “Cozy Corner” Pillow is finished.

completed giant pillow

Decorate the “Cozy Corner”

Put the giant pillow in the “cozy corner”.

creating the cozy corner with the giant pillow as the base

You can either lay the pillow flat as I did above, or prop it up against the wall as a couch.

positioning the giant pillow as a couch

I opted to lay the pillow flat. After spreading it out, I dressed it up with my son’s other blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

giant pillow with blankets and stuffed animals

He added additional blankets and comforters to reach the desired softness.

giant pillow with even more blanketsThe “Cozy Corner” is complete!

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