15 Favorite Fall Wreaths Plus 2 DIY

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I love fall wreaths. The fall season encompasses both Halloween and Thanksgiving and can allow for many different combinations of wreaths. You can keep fall wreaths up for a few months and use them to add a lot of spice and color to your home.

I have really enjoyed decorating for fall this year. My family room was a major focus as it has recently been re-done during a major home renovation. You can see how I “fall’d” up my the hearth and mantel in DIY Fall Decor.

In addition to the hearth and mantel, I decided to try my hand at making my own wreaths this year. Below are the three wreath/wall hangings I created for my home using items easily found at craft and hobby stores like Michaels or A.C. Moore:

Grapevine wreath with berries and pumpkinsWispy grapevine wreath with dahlias, berries, and bow

To make your own wreaths you only need a handful of tools,  the base of the wreath, and the decor – flowers, ribbons, twigs, etc. – to go on it.

Wreath Making 101

Before you begin making your wreaths you will need the following items:

For the two wreaths I made I used the following wreath bases:

To find the right colors and types of flowers I wanted for my wreaths, I spent some time at Michael’s perusing their fall floral collections. They have so many options to choose from, I ended up with more than I actually needed for these specific wreaths. I’m not worried though, I can use them in future wreaths or as table decorations for Thanksgiving dinner!

Making the Grapevine Wreath

To make the grapevine wreath I started out with the grapevine wreath base.

Grapevine wreath

Next, I began attaching the decor securing the decor to the wreath using colored string to match the grapevine wreath. I started with orange and rust berry stems for decor, tucking them into the wreath and tying them with the string to secure them in place:

Grapevine wreath with one sprig of berries

I continued adding orange and rust berry stems around half of the grapevine wreath:

grapevine wreath with two sprigs of berries and stringgrapevine wreath with three sprigs of berries and string

Finally, I added in the last few touches, burgundy and green pumpkins, acorns, and a little straw squirrel:
completed grapevine wreath with pumpkins, acorns, berries, and squirrel

And voila, my fall wreath was complete and ready to be hung on the front door:

completed grapevine wreath on door

Making the Wispy Grapevine Wreath

The wispy grapevine wreath is very similar to the grapevine wreath in terms of constructing it. For this wreath you will need:

First lay one stem of the Lantern and Amaranthus bush on the wreath.

wispy grapevine wreath with one stem of flowers

Next, bend the stem to curve with the wispy grapevine wreath and secure the stem to the wreath using the floral wire.

wispy grapevine wreath with one stem of flowers attached with wire

Continue with two more of the Lantern and Amaranthus stems.

wispy grapevine wreath with multiple stems of flowers attached with wirewispy grapevine wreath with multiple stems of flowers attached with wire

Next, add in the dahlias and the berry sprig stems, once again securing with the floral wire.

wispy grapevine wreath with flower stems, berries, and dahlias

Finally, add the ribbon to the wreath covering the stems at the bottom curve of the wreath.

Completed wispy grapevine wreath with flower stems, berries, dahlias, and ribbon

Hang the wreath on the wall and voila, you have a gorgeous wispy grapevine wreath in fall colors.

Completed wispy grapevine wreath with flower stems, berries, dahlias, and ribbon on wall

15 Favorite Fall Wreaths

If you’re not a DIY-er or just want to peruse beautiful fall wreaths, I have found fifteen fall wreaths that I absolutely love! Click on the pictures to learn more about each one!

Wayfair Pomegranate Harvest Floral 28" WreathWayfair 24" Faux Fruit WreathEtsy Fall Wreath pumpkins and hydrangeas
Pier 1 Faux Peony & Velvet Gourd 21" WreathPlow & Hearth Harvest Pine Cone WreathsHarry & David Magnolia Quince Wreath
Wayfair 18" Twig WreathEtsy Fall WreathPlow & Hearth Autumn Pine Cone Wreath
Etsy Fall Blended Hydrangea WreathEtsy Fall Wreath - Hydrangea and Gingham RibbonEtsy Fall Hydrangea Wreath
Etsy Fall WreathGrandin Hill Finley Hill CollectionGrandin Hill Ridge Hollow Greenery Collection

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