Ebates Cash Back – Where Have You Been All My Life??

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I just recently started using this wonderful money-saving and cash back tool called Ebates. I shop for as much as I can online because it’s a huge time saver for me. Life is so busy that being able to eliminate having to run from store to store is wonderful! While I have always searched various websites for coupon codes before buying anything online, Ebates provides all that and more. Not only do they apply any “known” coupon codes, but for each retailer with whom Ebates has a relationship, you get a certain percentage of cash back.

Is Ebates for Real?

I know you might be worried that there is a catch or that this will cost you something. I had the exact same worries when I first heard about it. I’m a skeptical person by nature and have found this to be the real deal.  If I’m already going to be shopping online, why not make it easier on myself by instantly learning about all of the deals/coupons they currently have PLUS get a percentage of the total sale back just for using this tool!

Why Do They Give Us Money Back?

You might wonder how retailers can do this or why they would want to. Retail is a competitive space with all sorts of companies large and small vying for our business. The companies who partner with Ebates are willing to give us a percentage of cash back as, in my opinion, a sort of ‘thank you’ for purchasing something from them. As a result we’ll be likely to return and purchase from them again in the future (assuming they still offer good deals). Providing savings for us also develops goodwill. If we get a good deal somewhere, we are more likely to tell our friends about it. The companies get traffic to their websites and potential purchases, and we get a discount through the coupon codes and/or cash back in the process! Talk about win-win!

If you shop online a lot as I do, you might as well maximize your spending ability by utilizing these types of money saving tools. I’m all about getting the best deals I can. I work hard and don’t like to spend any more than I have to when I shop. For me, signing up for Ebates was a no-brainer.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for FREE and get $10 added to your account when you spend your first $25. There is no catch and no hidden surprises. I think of that $10 as Ebates’ “gift” to start us on the path to saving even more! If you’re shopping online already, why not save money AND get cash back at the same time?

Ebates Cash Back Sign Up

How Does it Work?

Still skeptical? Let me show you how it works through the example below. When you are shopping online, Ebates will tell you when a participating retailer has cash back offers and coupon codes available.

Activate Cash Back

If you’re on a computer you can install a free Chrome Extension that automatically notifies you when you go to a participating retailer’s webpage. The notification tells you what cash back percentage the retailer is currently offering. All you have to do is click on the “Activate 2% Cash Back” button and it will be applied to any qualifying purchase you make during that session.

Chrome Extension Intro Page

Apply Coupon Codes

If you end up buying something on the website, when you go to Checkout, Ebates will let you know if there are any Coupon Codes available. You will see a notification pop up that tells you just how many codes Ebates found. It will look something like this:

Ebates Coupon Code Request

Click “Apply Coupons” and Ebates will try to apply all coupons it found for that website. Once it’s finished going through all available codes, it will give you a summary of your total savings, if any (savings from coupon codes + cash back):

Coupon Savings

If you click “Continue Checkout” you can see the $9.90 savings in the checkout screen (the $0.46 cash back will show up in your Ebates Cash Back summary):

Ebates Checkout

Review Your Savings

To check on your current savings, you can click on the Chrome Extension and it will give you an account summary. An example of mine is below. You can see the Total Earned of $44.74 which is my total savings since I started using Ebates. Cash Back Pending is my balance outstanding. The $33.58 is what I’ve saved to date in the current quarter. That amount, plus any additional savings I earn during the current quarter, will show up in my next quarterly cash back check.

Ebates summary laptop

Once you sign up you can specify your favorite online retailers. You can also opt-in to receive emails to let you know about any sales, specials, or larger than normal cash back percentages they may be offering.

Download Ebates Mobile App

Alternatively, you can download the Ebates App to your phone either through the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) and check for the current cash back percentages for your desired stores.

Ebates App

Real-Life Examples of Savings

Here are some of the cash back deals I’ve gotten recently on online purchases to help me earn that $44.74 Total Earned:

  • Chewy Purchases (pet food and other pet-related goods) – 5% cash back on the total purchase
  • Orbitz – Airline Tickets – 7% cash back on the total purchase
  • Old Navy – children’s clothing – 6% cash back on the total purchase

Some retailers offer higher percentages than others. You might wonder what’s the point if it’s just a few dollars here and there. If you do any shopping online, over time those savings add up. If you purchase anything online it (quite literally) pays to use these types of money saving tools. It’s win-win for you and the retailer(s)!

Specifics on Ebates

Let’s dive into more specifics of the wonderful world of Ebates:

  • Earn a percentage of cash back on every purchase you make through participating retailers
  • Ebates lets you know of any upcoming or current sales via email or through the Mobile App
  • Easy-to-use free Ebates Chrome extension. Any website you go to that has coupon codes or are cash back eligible, the extension will let you know immediately! After you sign up for Ebates, you can go to Ebates Chrome Extension to download the free extension:
  • Ebates App on your phone. Go to either the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for Ebates to download the App.

Ebates mobile app

  • Regular Double and Triple cash back offers (keep an eye on your email or the App for notifications on these)
  • Hundreds of stores participate with Ebates. Here are just a handful of examples:
    • Old Navy
    • Amazon
    • Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor LOFT/Ann Taylor Factory
    • Carter’s
    • Weight Watchers
    • Orbitz
    • Walmart
    • Sephora
    • GNC
    • Nutrisystem
    • Overstock.com
    • QVC
    • Vitamin Shoppe
    • Blue Apron
    • Hello Fresh
    • Jet.com
    • Kohl’s

Listen, I’m usually very skeptical about most things, but this is the real deal. I’ve already gotten several checks from Ebates for my cash back (they pay you quarterly). There’s nothing like going to the mailbox and finding that little treasure! There’s nothing like saving money AND getting cash back for purchases I’m going to make anyhow. What’s not to love? I am a HUGE fan and will continue to use Ebates as long as it’s available!

Join Ebates for FREE and get $10 when you spend $25. Sign up and start saving now by clicking here ==>> Ebates Sign-Up

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Ebates Where Have You Been All My Life

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