DIY Current Weight and Goal Weight Signs

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Trying to maintain motivation to lose weight can be difficult. Some days it’s a walk in the park and you feel on top of the world. Other days it takes every ounce of energy not to dive face first into a sheet cake. I find that creating things to help motivate me and keep me on track helps. I also find that keeping my hands busy doing creative “stuff” keeps me from eating and I end up with pretty things at the end!

To help me keep on track during my weight loss journey I find that being reminded of my current weight, or my goal weight, or both is very motivating to me. The best way I have found to do that is to advertise it to myself in a way I can’t miss it. For me I created these signs that I can put right by my scale, or refrigerator, or wherever I’m usually the most tempted to keep me true to my weight loss journey. This goes for both the losing weight AND the maintaining weight loss portions of life. It’s an endless journey so why not make the view pretty?

DIY Current Weight Sign

This is a fairly easy sign to make using either scissors or a Cricut machine (I have the Cricut Maker and I LOVE it). Simply put, a Cricut machine is an automated device that cuts out designs or patterns that you create on the Cricut Design Space app (which is very similar to Adobe Illustrator). You can use all sorts of materials – from paper to leather to wood to material to many others – to make whatever you can dream up. I have to say, it’s really cool and fun!

I created both an SVG file and a PDF file (which are fancy terms for the patterns) for the design of the letters. You can get both templates for free by clicking below:

Click here to download

Materials Needed to Make the Current Weight Sign

  • 3 sheets of 12X12 cardstock – color(s) of your choice
  • 1 sheet of 12X12 chipboard
  • Cricut Chalkboard Vinyl allows for re-usable signage to update when and as needed
  • Glue, spray adhesive, or hot glue gun
  • Cricut machine, or scissors
  • Chalkboard Markers – the signs both have a chalkboard area to write on and these chalkboard markers work great!

STEP 1: Uploading the SVG File

Download the SVG file and upload it into Cricut Design Space. The file will look like this:

Screenshot of Current Weight SVG

STEP 2: Cutting the Sign

Next, choose your desired colors of cardstock paper and cut per the Cricut machine prompts. When you are finished you should have the following pieces:

DIY Current Weight Sign

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have a Cricut machine and want to cut the pieces out by hand, you can use the PDF file as a guide.

The final piece you will cut is the chalkboard rectangle using the black chalkboard vinyl as seen in the picture above. Next, begin to assemble to sign.

STEP 3: Assembling the Sign

Glue the bottom piece of cardstock to the chipboard to form the base and background color of the sign. You can use any type of glue, I use Krylon spray adhesive but glue sticks, a hot glue gun, or regular Elmer’s glue works just fine.

Assembling the Sign

Next attach the next layer of cardstock, in my case it is the purple piece with the window cut out. Once that is in place, peel the backing from the chalkboard vinyl and attach it within the window of the purple cardstock:

Assembling the Current Weight Sign

Next, glue the wording to the assembled sign. Again you can use any type of glue for this (I used a glue stick):Assembling the Weight Loss Sign

Once both words are attached, your sign is complete and will look like this:

Completed Weight Loss SIgn

STEP 4: Using the Sign

I recommend using Chalkboard Markers on this sign as they provide bright and bold numbers (and you can use a different color every day of the week if you want). Below is what it looks like using the Chalkboard Markers:

Make Your Own Current Weight Sign

Along with the Current Weight cut out, a Goal Weight file is also available for download. You can assemble by following the same steps as for the Current Weight sign. The SVG loaded in design space looks like this:

Goal Weight Sign SVG

Where do I Get the SVG and PDF Files?

You can download the SVG and PDF files for this specific project by clicking below:

Click here to download


Make Your Own Sign - Current Weight & Goal Weight

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