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Weight Loss & Maintenance

Wherever you are on your weight loss journey, check out helpful tips and tricks, tasty food and recipe ideas, learn about various methods for losing weight and keeping it off while continuing to eat the foods you love.

Weight Loss

Adding Exercise & Fitness to Your Life

Whether you are already spending hours in the gym or just getting started, helpful information on getting fit and staying that way.

Exercise & Fitness

Organizing Your Home & Life

Life moves pretty fast and it can be tricky to keep all your ducks in a row. Staying organized is the key to preventing things from slipping through the cracks. Learn how to everything on track in your life, home, weight loss and fitness journey, and more!


Create and Grow Your Hobbies

We all have passions and things we love to do. Read on to either build on an existing hobby, or learn about a new one. Crafts, Cricut projects, new and exciting decor and DIY ideas, and gardening – the possibilities are endless!


Meet the author

Hi there, I’m Lisa!

I started Six Little Ducks, a creative lifestyle blog, in 2018 with the goal of providing guidance, tools, and techniques to create and maintain balance in all areas of life. We focus on multiple areas including weight loss, exercise & fitness, organization, and hobbies to empower you to get and keep the ducks of your life in a row. We want to help you create balance in life and not allow any one area to weigh you down.

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